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Crazy Love- Francis Chan

Francis Chan

Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love, is an ordinary man doing extraordinary things for Christ. Born in Hong Kong in 1968, his mother died giving birth to him. His father remarried when Francis was 7, then the Chan family moved to California. Shortly thereafter, his stepmother died. Then when he was 12, Chan’s father died of cancer. Chan has described his dad as a man who would beat him for “disobeying or bothering” him. Chan looks at the brightside of things and says this taught him discipline and respect.

In 1993, Chan established Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley, California. Cornerstone has 4 Sunday services and 4,000 attendees. His sermons rank in the top 20 Christian podcasts and Chan speaks frequently at Christian conferences, such as Passion. His popularity is due to his God-given ability to take the Gospel Truth and present it in applicable, convicting ways.

Not only does Chan teach the Bible well, he lives out what he preaches. He gives away 90% of his income and donates 100% of his book royalties to various causes. Recently, Chan stepped down from his position as pastor at Cornerstone Church in order to follow the Holy Spirit. At the time, he had no idea what God would call him and his family to do. (He’s married with 4 kids.)

For the past year, Chan has worked to establish “gatherings,” home churches that reflect the model in Acts, in L.A. county. Chan and those on this mission are working to change the idea that a church is a building and trying to show that a church is a group of Christians working to serve Jesus wherever they are.

As of last month, the Chans’ sold their house and moved to Asia. They plan to stay until the end of the year, but are willing to stay longer if the Holy Spirit says to.

Chan is open about the times in his life where he has not walked with the Lord, but that just further proves that God can and will use anybody for his purposes. Francis Chan is an excellent author and speaker, but what stands out the most about him is how he lives out the “radical” teachings of Scripture.

For discussion:
After looking at Chan’s life, do you believe God can use anybody to do extraordinary things?

Many people have called Chan crazy for the way he lives his life. What do you think?

Do you think you would be willing to follow the Holy Spirit when He says go, even if He doesn’t tell you where? Why or why not?


4 Responses to “Crazy Love- Francis Chan”

  1. I do believe that God can use anyone we just need to be looking for it.We always see his hints but don’t always catch on. I think that it is hard to live our lives like he did but we don’t have to share his gospel by moving like that. He is not crazy but it would be hard for everyone to live lives like that. I think that we would probably not go but our goal is to be looking for God’s message and be willing to go when he tells us to go.

  2. He is crazy… But in a totally amazing perfectly sane way 🙂
    Its the type of crazy I often wish I had. I think that I often miss out on God’s calling because I often get hints in areas I don’t like (homeless people being a big one for me) It is those things that I feel really convicted about. And the funny thing is, I committed myself to being open the next time I was stopped by one… and I have not seen one since. (if anyone has a comment, please, I need help with that one.)
    But I do think that anyone can be used for extraordinary things. I think we see the end of people’s lives and we think, “wow, they did amazing things” but when you look at there lives it was really just a long series of tiny things they followed God in doing.
    Right now, quite honestly in my life I don’t think I have the faith to just walk away from everything. I want to be all in like that, but it is definitely convicting to think about.
    I hope I am able to at some point in my life… any time, but I honestly doubt that I would right now, not without a definite call of where when how.
    So those are my thoughts, but I am psyched to read and hear about Francis Chan in the coming weeks, and I think that I will add a new prayer… that I would have the faith and heart to pick up and go without the details being told to me.

  3. One other thing that sticks out at me is that he gives away 90% of his income…
    That just blows my mind, how I am so selfish at times, but it is amazing that, instead of giving 10% as the Bible says, he has surrendered his life and gives 90%

  4. So, I heard the best quote ever describing “the American Way”:

    “buying things you don’t need, to impress people you don’t like, with money you don’t have.”
    (I don’t know who said it though… )

    I think Chan really gets at this with the way he lives. He things away instead of getting more, he does not want to impress people, not in that way at least, he wants people to see his actions and think of Christ and impress his love upon them.

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